#212 Delft

Hello, Friday morning a school appointment was cancelled, so we got the bus to Lily’s farm. We looked around, said hello to her working in the cheese room, saw a baby cow, met various colleagues. We got some eggs n cheese, and browsed the shop full of touristic knick knacks. It was fun! And we booked ourselves on to the cheese tour for next week.

Then had a free coffee in Albert Heijn in Middenhoven, Amstelveen. And had a sandwich in the park there.

We had some boerenfrites in Family Eethuis and then I headed to W’s nearby for LifeGroup. I was leading and we had go away quietly for 15 minutes to listen to God. I was excited about this, we haven’t had such a practical exercise before! We shared our thoughts after and I was so encouraged! My heart was full of joy, being in a group of people so keen to listen to the Lord and learn. What a bunch! We are also learning to love each other more.

What a privilege! O gave me a lift home and we chatted a bit in the car too, she’s lovely.

By “crochet objet” in Israel

Saturday: Lee was helping a colleague move house in Hilversum, so mum and I went to Delft on the train. It is an ideal day out – it’s pretty, with lovely canals, flowers and character buildings. It’s got Vermeer and the Royal Porcelain Experience, (which we didn’t bother with!) And lots of lovely shops, nice places to eat, and the fab antiques/ second hand market strewn throughout the small town. It’s small enough to walk all around in. I am not really an antiques person but I LOVE old kitchen stuff! Trying to be restrained, I got these 3 things, total €20.

The wooden thing is to go on the wall. Mum says it was a gingerbread mould. I really like it. The green jug is for heating milk. What, you don’t have a specific jug for that?! It’ll have a flower growing in it soon.

Here we are in an artsy cafe for coffee n appeltaart.

And laughing a lot at the presentation of our Turkish bagels, hanging on metal hooks in this hilarious frame.

We were at a canalside cafe with seating on a boat. We heard the lovely church bells being rung in lots of tunes.

There was so much delft blue crockery everywhere, and mum bought a couple of pieces, so we didn’t need to go in the €xperience.

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