#215 Clara Maria cheese experience

It was N’s birthday and 10 of us gathered at the cafe in Westwijk to celebrate. Mum came, and we had a lot of fun. My other friend had brought a middle schooler, who I sat with, did some drawing together and she told me about her favourite books.

Then popped to Stadshart to pay some bills in the ABN, and got the bus to de Boemerang 2nd hand shops. Finally in the afternoon, we had a bit of a rest, as it’s been non-stop! I also have the pressure of trying to get Frank’s school appointments and rental house viewings, fitted around my trip to UK, which has now become extremely inconvenient!

Wednesday, we were booked onto the Cheese Experience. 10am we went into the cheese room with an elderly American couple to make cheese.

Don’t we look fabulous!

Lily and her friend instructed us.

Then into the dining room for coffee and appeltaart among loads of traditional kitchen memorabilia. Very nice!

And into the clogmaking demo.

And then a bit of cheesemaking education .

Then onto tasting! And we dipped our cheese into some gorgeous mustard & dill sauce, which I bought one of.

We went bonkers in the giftshop.

For me, a cow milk jug and a sugar bowl. I got Lee’s birthday present in there too.

I do really want a pair of my own clogs for gardening . Our guide said they are made of poplar wood, it’s soft so it doesn’t splinter, and it starts to form to your foot.

Very fun.

I highly recommend it!

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