#217 Corrie / Haarlem


Mum and I got the bus to Haarlem, had a coffee + fabulous salted banana bread toast, with butter d’Isigny on, in Vascobelo. Yum! Then looked at the lovely independent, interesting shops in Haarlem before going in Corrie Ten Boom’s House. It’s my third time! It’s always well worth a visit though. Then we had lunch in a Danish watch shop/cafe of all places!

Haarlem is absolutely gorgeous, with something fascinating around every corner.

A decoupaged shop.

We also had kaastengels in the hotel Carillon and chatted with an American couple.

On the way home we had a rather silly conversation with a turkish bus driver.!

In our garden.

Saturday, Lee and I cycled to Seringa Park in Aalsmeer, looked at the lovely windmill there and went to Het Oosten , the huge garden centre, to look at all the plants and hammocks etc, and daydream about our future garden.

Later Robin, mum and I popped into the Ceres kringloopwinkel in Uithoorn. and after tea we had a short walk around the field behind our house, which will soon be another phase of the housing estate.

A stork bringing a baby. Underneath is a blackboard with “landing place” and the baby’s name and date of birth.

I’ve just been to I + E’s for a very helpful conversation about all the aspects of moving, And I have sent an email to Rebo asking to rent Klaproos 2 from 16th July.

So another step forward, thanks to God! I really am very thankful for this lovely couple who live very close by in Uithoorn and goto my church.

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