#218 God’s More, yes please.

Sunday! I cycled to church with Robin, George and Frank. Mum had a rest at home. We had a good sermon full of encouragement about God’s Immeasurably More.

Then Robin and I popped to Amstelveen to meet this tiny person, who Robin is going to look after.

She has the option of staying in the flat in Amstelveen, so that is a good opportunity for her to practice living in a flat!/not having to share a bedroom for a bit.

Then we cycled home down the river. It’s beautiful!!

Tonight I have written my house-leaving letter for the estate agent. I will post it in the morning.

After much frantic re-rolling of the sleeves, (!) He has gone to his Prom in Amsterdam, looking dapper. I love the bright bow tie!

There is such a lot going on in the next month and everything seems very last-minute. So I am cancelling appointments tomorrow to try to chill out + get my bag together for UK on Tuesday.

It has been a lovely time having mum here, if I’d known how stressful things would be over the houses, I’d have changed the dates obviously! And we have had a lot of lovely days out. I had determined to continue my housework/selfcare routines during the visit but of course that didn’t happen!

But I have really missed my quiet routine, and it has shown (by not happening) the good effects it has on the house, the family and on my mind!! So I look forward to getting back into my routines.

Just doing some soothing crochet before bed!

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