#221 Liverpool 2018

Mum, Robin and I had a thankfully uneventful air journey.

Today we got a train to Liverpool to see my lovely Penny. She made lunch and we had a lot to catch up on. Out of the landing window, spy our old garden:

Robin went to Emilia’s, so Penny and I nipped to Allerton Rd for the essential: charity shop clothes shopping! We got a few bargains each, had a cool drink and a “pastel de nata” flavour ice cream! Yummy. In Maray, which I’d always wanted to try.

We bumped into Robin and Emilia in Morrison’s, her baby is so big, almost 2, and she is due another in November. Wow!

The next morning we met Chris and Di for brunch in the Tavern, which was very fun. Robin and I attacked the charity shops with gusto. One or two of the shop assistants noted our focus and we really were on a mission! Clothes are expensive in NL and the kringloopwinkel clothes are not worth a mention. So we got a good suitcase full!

Then to Laurie and Edith’s for the afternoon before getting the train back to Stafford.

So mission accomplished! We saw our in-laws and had a lovely day, it wasn’t tiring at all.

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