#222 Stafford

In mum and dad’s kitchen I had some cereal in the early summer morning light. It was lovely and quiet. In Uithoorn we had watched “House Doctor” and had been talking about small changes mum might like to make in the kitchen. But I was impressed by the comfort and intimacy of a small kitchen, sharing a cuppa at one’s own table, even if the decor isn’t new. I’ve had a big fancy glass table (that I would never choose) in a large room. It’s not that same homey feeling. I’m definitely going to try separating the room into kitchen and living, once we’ve moved.

We had a chat about the house and the Grandpa.

We went all over Stafford today looking at homewares. It’s quite different from Liverpool, where the Supermarket homewares and clothes section are as big as the food. We had lunch with mum in the SK “obviously”! And in the evening we 3 went down the road to the cinema to watch Ocean’s Eight.

It was quite fun.

It’s so hot, especially inside there’s no breeze, so Robin and I have mostly just walked around Stafford. Last night we had a delicious cooling lemonade in the Verso Lounge, and today we took mum there for lunch.

Later we watched “Into the woods”. None of us had seen it before.

It was stifling hot in Stafford. Last night we walked by Spittal Brook pub, it was a very cute flowery village street.

Then off to Birmingham to fly home. It’s been quite an adventure! ❤

Goodbye, come back to the Netherlands soon!!

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