#223 a new kitchen

Marcia has been organising me some free sofas, cupboards and washing machine. Yay!

Today I’ve just done a lot of praying, washing and cleaning. All the same food is in the fridge, so I’m not sure if/what anyone ate in the past week! Lily and I cycled past Klaproos 2, and I’m delighted to see the kitchen now exists!


Lee has weeded our yard, ✅ so that’s one thing ticked off the list.

In the evening Lily and I cycled up to Marcia’s to deliver the Tetley tea she had asked for from UK. We had a chat about moving and furniture etc. The England/Colombia match was on. We aren’t “patriotic” enough to care who wins! We cycled back at 10:30pm, just catching the last of the light.

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