#224 mostly cleaning.

Well, ants really don’t like cinnamon. They’ve disappeared since I put some down in piles.

I have spent this week cleaning and going slow, after the previous weeks of excitement! I have had a lot of anxiety about the 1,000 small jobs involved with moving house!

This morning Dorien drove us to our appointment at Panta Rhei school, and was so supportive about everything, and told me how she’d told my Lifegroup to help “carry” me through this house move so I can be strong to do the things I am here for.

She’s excellent.

So the meeting at Panta Rhei was “interesting”! Mostly in Dutch, with an occasional explanation. And I told them about the how and why of home education. Did that bit in English obviously! There was a special needs support team member present, who takes info from his present school, and with what she gathered today, makes a decision on whether Panta Rhei can support Frank / if he can fit in their facilities. Frank was his usual taciturn self, and is clearly embarrassed by my awful dutch grammar! They are giving a decision on Tuesday. I believe he will go there.

I just took a cycle round “my” new home and saw a work van there, so more is getting done! Hurrah!

This field behind our house, which was a crop of celeriac last year, will soon disappear completely.

There will be a block of flats next to this new water.

And hundreds of houses.

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