#225 some sofas

I have had a wonderful morning with my lovely friend Dorien. We sat in her sunny garden, full of lovely stuff, and had some of her homemade apple pie while talking. First about serious stuff to do with money and moving, then we talked about all kinds of interesting things. To do with church, personalities, Israel, God’s promises. Etc. She is such an intelligent, interesting and loving person!

Meanwhile my wonderful friend Guus was driving around collecting various free bits of furniture for our new home!

Seems like a good place to put it!

Al fresco sofa n chair! And then Emily turned up with the boxes we’d been promised.

I’m very thankful for all this!

Only a couple of weeks til it all finds its new home.

Another couch, very nice blue tweed with the original matching cushions!

I am working hard to keep my mind positive with God’s truth. I just saw this this morning:

I think it’s really true. I never used to have a dream or imagine good things for my future. I thought it was just my personality, I thought I was a person who just didn’t have any ambitions. But now I can see, when you are busy just coping with life, trying to survive each day, there is no room/energy to imagine anything amazing.

Pray for the ability to imagine. Because God can do anything. Our God is able.

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us

Is the theme of our sermons at church this season and an excellent reminder. Listen here!


It is a daily toss-up between toddling along, and really living. Ask for and Thank Him for Life!

As ever, I really need to take my own advice! So I’ll go and do that now. Goodbye! I love you all ❤

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