#226 Bos baptisms

Hullo! All 4 kids came to church today, and we went to the 12 noon service, so we could easily get to the outdoor baptisms at 3pm. My plan failed spectacularly! After a McDonald’s, Frank went home. Robin got on the bus to Van Nijenrodeweg, and the others cycled to the entrance of the Bos.

I told L&G to look for the Grote Vijver – a big lake there that we’ve never actually seen before. The Amsterdamse Bos really is quite large!

Robin wasn’t at the expected bus stop, so I circled around a bit but never saw her, so I assumed if she didn’t know where to go, she would decide to go home. She did. When I lose someone I just pray and know that the Lord is looking after them.

I cycled towards the Grote Vijver, it’s a lovely lake with canoe hire. People were all around swimming, picnicking and enjoying the pedalo boats. But it was a looong way around and I realized I might not see the kids again! But the bit of lake I happened upon happened to be where the baptisms were happening!

8 people got baptised, young & old. There was a crowd of a couple of hundred from church. Then I found lovely Hanneke and chatted for a couple of hours sitting in the grass among hundreds of picnickers and barbeques from our church.

And then I got to cycle all the way home in the blazing sunshine, through the Amsterdamse Bos, the woods, the park, and down Legmeerdijk . Which is 11km and a lovely ride.

Surprise! Everyone got home safe n sound. 😁

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