#227 Frank’s 15! What?!

It was SOOOOOOO good to get back to Monday morning BSF prayer meeting today! There were 4 out of 5 present, and we had lots to share. And lots to pray for, and a very Big, Powerful LORD to hear us!!

I started to feel a bit better this morning, first thing, reading a helpful set of prayers based on the bible, to be found in Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word.

Then on the way home I sent a lot of thank-you whatsapps, I guess that’s the modern thank you notelet!

We have the extra sofa, cupboard and a chair, nestling/ jostling in the woonkamer:


You can just get out of the back door! Which is the door we actually use.

Lee said he wanted his own chair for the new house, and this lovely one came unexpectedly with the furniture! It’s grey pinstripe and very comfortable.

Frank is 15 today!

We had nachos and got the bus to Hoofddorp to the cinema. We watched Incredibles 2 – the Incredibles is a family favourite.

Lilian got everybody lego minifigs, which is something we used to do on birthdays!

Anyway he has allowed a photo!

He’s getting tall and grown up!! He’s about 5’9 and a delightful guy. My boys are looking much more alike these days.


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