#229 Wednesday

Yes we have a 14-page rent contract for Klaproos, all in Dutch of course. Hans had a look at it for us.

The man came to fix the front door handle, and the oven door handle today. Yaas!

My workload is drastically reduced thanks to the rota. I just have to make sure the ingredients of dinner are present.

Lee has gone to someone’s to watch footie and I went to my dutch “parents in prayer”. It was the last of the season and Ellen had done us each a gift !

Later I cycled round to CN’s. She lives in Uithoorn on half of the top floor of a circular block of flats. She has a 180 degrees balcony! We sat there with a cuppa looking at the amazing views, over the fields outside Uithoorn.

Then I cycled home in the twilight, how lovely it was 10 to 11 and not quite dark.

Hello, thanks for reading, but I probably won't look at the comments,

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