#232 contracts signed✅

I got an awful twinge, a trapped nerve in the right of my neck. I’ve had it before. So this morning I emailed the chiropractor. He had a spot today! (It turned out not to be covered by my health insurance, so I stopped going in march) and he just pushed, prodded, yanked and cracked and now I’m fine! Thank God! As couldn’t lie down to sleep.

This morning Robin and I met Lee at Oranjebaan and got the metro to Spaklerweg in NE Amsterdam, to go sign our new rent contract. It’s an area being totally redeveloped to house the millions.

Temporary builders office

Awful pic, but this was a zone of self-build homes, each different, and this ‘un has a full greenhouse on top!

Then a full street of many blocks of flats, made of containers.

So we signed.

Keys and walkthrough on Monday 16th ✅, we are moving on Wednesday the 18th✅, with Hans driving, pulling a trailer. I’m feeling very happy about it! And when I got in, Arnold had brought me a big roll of bubble wrap. So I can start with the plates!

Robin and I had a look around IKEA seeing as we were in the East. I quite fancy this light:

It’s quite large.

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