#233 Packing…

Lee and I cycled to Aalsmeer this morning in the gorgeous sunshine, had a little breakfast in AB Muller to fortify us for the packing!

It’s extremely calm out there today! Beautiful.

Then home to pack, I’ve emptied all the kitchen and packed it, Lee has been wrapping the mirrors and pictures. and then cleaned the kitchen drawers before unpacking all the landlord’s fancy white crockery and replacing in the cupboards

At the same time!, Frank is going to D’s to do an assessment under her invigilation, which will help us get him into a different school. She’s always got something up her sleeve!

It’s not too stressful packing as we have another 10 days after moving to clean/find things etc.

Well, Frank and I cycled over to D’s, he got down to business on her laptop. I met D’s parents who live next door. Then I left him to it. It’s a Dutch assessment, for Dutch kids to fill in. So we can gauge his level of understanding of Dutch.

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