#236 Ant + Wasp

Hello, it’s the summer hols for the boys. I was trying to clean up, pack boxes etc this morning and got quite stressed. So me ‘n’ Robin went to Amsterdam to the movies.

Saw these colourful things around Harlemmermeer station.

We went to the Pathe cinema in De Munt. We watched Ant Man And The Wasp. It was very funny and had a reasonable story. I much prefer it to the other Marvel films, which are too fast for me.

We saw it in Dolby 3D, whatever that means. The 3D glasses were much fancier than usual, and we had to give them back afterwards.

We went in Dignita cafe, Vondelpark, first, and I had this fabulous courgette, pea and chickpea fritters in cucumber yoghurt sauce, with a poached egg and grilled halloumi: delicious!

As ever there were lots of diversions on the way in Amsterdam, and ever-flowing streams of cyclists!

Also have you ever seen a haybale so close to your home?

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