#239 museum “so long”

Hi, on our bus stop towards Amsterdam this morning, we had to wait for 50 Spanish people to buy their tickets before we could get on!

Lee and I had a lovely breakfast in Dignita cafe, in Amsterdam . Next door is a retro/vintage furniture shop. Very nice, a little out of our budget. Lots of the stuff in there reminded me of visiting old ladies from church in the 80s!

Then we went northeast to the Museum Tot Zover -“so long”. It is a museum of how the Dutch relate to death. It’s in the grounds of a crematorium in Watergraafsmeer, which is an area of Amsterdam that we haven’t visited before.

As we got off the bus we saw this guy feeding rice to a lot of pigeons and 6 herons.

Its quite interesting, the above bouquet is made of hair.

They had a display of how death and burial is dealt with in the main cultures of NL: jewish, Christian, muslim, creole, chinese and hindu. They also had a large collection of toy hearses.

It was a small museum and not sensationalist. There was a couple of temporary exhibits, urns, photos etc.

Then we went around the graveyard a little bit, its also an arboretum.

It was rather a tropical garden. And there were some large ornate graves, presumably some kind of gipsy.

Such fun!! The tree shade was most welcome on such a hot day.

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