#242 moving with horsebox

We are all alive! I’m just celebrating that, because it’s been quite an ordeal today. I had to shed a tear, before we started, at the sheer impossibility and unfairness of it all!

However. This beautiful and awesome young lady: Julia

Transported most of our belongings and furniture, driving her big Chevrolet with horse box attached! She is quite a nifty driver and also worked very hard carrying and such in the heat. She was zooming around corners and reversing into tiny gaps with the horsebox!!

So. We are not going to unpack much, until the flooring can be bought + installed. Because there’s plaster dust.

So we’ll stay at Buitenhof tonight, there’s loads more stuff to pack, I have 3 tall heavy furniture items we couldn’t get down the stairs – it really was just me, my 4 and Julia who is also a teenager. Teen power! Lilian was her excellent self, of course keeping me motivated while also working extremely hard herself.

So tomorrow I will assess what’s left, and do some cleaning here of course.

There were in fact 3 viewings of Buitenhof around 5pm and it looked like this:

A crazed mess in every single room. I thought it was insane to view while we were indulging in my own special brand of chaos. I did warn the estate agent!

We have a stopgap washing machine from Guus, but I’ll need to replace it “real quick” as I sure do a lot of washing!

At about 5pm, once the KPN internet man had been, George took his precious tv + ps4 round and immediately set up. He is sleeping over there. It was the first time he’d ever been in!

8:20pm I’m going to bed! ❤❤

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