#243 used my new oven

Well hello!

I was determined to have some kind of rest today to recover and get in a position to cope. So I had a lovely cool bath, I’ve been having loads! 🛀 Bath, I’ll really miss you !

Frank and I walked through the house, room by room writing down what needs to be removed, packed, or cleaned. It’s rather a lot! But I was trying to recover so we cycled over to Klaproos with some small junk – 2 wine boxes fit perfectly next to each other in the box on my bike. There I got the boys involved clearing the boxes into the right rooms, move the furniture around a bit to look like a home.

We popped to McDonald’s for lunch and on the way back went into Carpetright to ask a few questions about flooring.

Got home and measured the downstairs room. It’s 58m2. That’s huge! I looked at some vinyl for the bedrooms – the upstairs rooms are quite square so I fancy laying the vinyl myself.

Then Carla came for a look. We popped to this small Italian delicatessen nearby for a cold drink. We sat near a big refrigerated counter for the cool. It was full of fab gen-u-wine Italian stuff and I couldn’t resist getting single portions of fresh lasagne, chorizo canelloni and a veggie canelloni. It was jolly expensive, so half a portion each with salad and a roll. We got a cheap bagless vacuum cleaner in Blokker, and George hoovered my new bedroom for me. It’ll have to be done a few times before I can sleep in there. (Cos asthma).

And I christened the new oven at Klaproos with those delicious Italian foods. Our first family meal there (Robin and Lee not present but Carla was)

Robin has gone to Amstelveen this morning. for about 3 weeks work, looking after a flat, a tiny dog and a hamster. While a church family are away, visiting relatives on the other side of the world.

Of course she can pop back anytime, but it’s a fun opportunity for her, she reported she was making carbonara tonight.

So we left the boys to sleep at Klaproos. That’s easy , the ps4 is there! And Lily and I came to Buitenhof for some peace and quiet, more baths and a bit of tidying before further viewings tomorrow morning.

Ooh it’s so quiet! Goodnight ❤

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