#244 the opposite of glamping!

From 7-11 I worked like mad making the house presentable for another viewing. It has been 34° rising to 36° in the evening. Then I spent today mainly drinking water and trying to make Klaproos a bit homely despite the concrete floor. We did some errands, ordered some vinyl flooring for the bedrooms and I’ve had 2 lovely lukewarm showers in my new shower.

Robin popped by! And after work, Lilian and I got the bus to Stadshart to get her a couple of vest +shorts for work. They all wear rather short jeans shorts there which is a funny image to me, it’s very hot work, but I understand farmers have done this type of work for centuries dressed in more than a bikini! So we were looking for shorts that aren’t hotpants, but couldn’t find any, so got some loose trousers instead.

Ooh I didn’t know I was gonna rant about that!!

While we were in Amstelveen, apparently it rained here for a second. I missed it! Some of my plants seem to have been scorched.

In fancy Stadshart Mall, of course there is air con everywhere and we did enjoy it for a while, walking around, though our feet are still sore from all the moving on Tuesday.

The opposite of Glamping! In my bedroom I have a mattress on the floor, a bedside table, a lamp. And a sink + mirror! I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the sink as there’s less storage space. But I’ve just brushed my teeth and washed my face in my own room, quite fun!

I call it spartan!

Thankfully I still have a nice view from bed:

Here’s to my first night in my new home 🍻

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