#245 House Doctor ➕

Well unsurprisingly in this heat, we didn’t sleep much! In the night it was a bit spidery and creaky! I had to go downstairs in the wee hours and check all the doors were locked – with these massive windows and no curtains, you can see exactly what we’ve got, which is just some chairs, tv and playstation.

Funnily enough with no lights in the house, there’s a very bright light next to each front door, shining onto the path. Which is probably good for security. I have just spent a year barely bothering to shut the front and back doors, now I’ve got to be a bit more practical.

This morning I cycled up to Buitenhof about 6am for a lovely bath and to do some washing. Hopefully I can get all our washing done, make the B’hof beds up with the owners bedding etc before 31st.

Lily slept there herself last night, what a luxury, having the whole place to herself when it’s all clean and tidy!

In the afternoon Dorien came (I thought she’d already gone on holiday) and worked some House Doctor – style magic! We rushed to the kringloopwinkel, and bought 2 lamps, 2 standard lamps, 2 bins, some duvet covers. Came to €36. We bought some lightbulbs and these temporary light fittings that people use when they’ve just moved. Who knew!

And we ripped all the duvets down 3 sides and nailed to the window tops. Gave everyone a lamp, arranged all the rooms as much as you can in this situation. Dorien’s a whirlwind of effectiveness! And it inspired me to carry on after she left, despite my aching feet.

So now the place is less “prison cell chic” and more “camping”.

To wit-

(Above, a feet-up nook)

So hopefully these makeshift curtains will help keep a little heat out. And tomorrow Guus will come & we will finally get the rest of our stuff Removed.

Phew! It’s 35° again, it takes about half an hour to go from “just stepped out of a delightfully tepid shower” to running with sweat.

And we’ve had rose ringed parakeets flying over the back garden. I love their squeaky call and a flash of bright green as they fly past!

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