#246 a long day

Lee got home from Israel late, having paddled in the Mediterranean this morning!

It was terribly hot over night, I felt my brain was being baked. I was wondering whether to go to the doctor. But thankfully about 5 it rained for a good while. I really wanted to go outside and stand on it but I was too fatigued.

This morning we have a lovely cool garden. Thanks God! Some of this has been such a trial, and aching and exhausted, we have another day of moving today. We just had some Halva Lee brought back. Delicious!

Thankfully some grey clouds above.

Last evening there was about 15 of those green parrots in the trees next to our house.

Saturday Guus and Sietse came with their cars and we got almost all our stuff to the new house. What a huge amount of work, we have hundreds of boxes of stuff and almost literally no cupboards (πŸ˜…) !

Lee has taken Monday off to finish up.

So we’ve made it quite nice in the sitting room

And…after a year without…TV!

We have 75 channels and also a landline. Normal people stuff!

We will soon pick up lots more Dutch off tv and we also have BBC1 and 2.

Sweet breezes blowing through the house today.

We worked extremely hard today, and will chill on our lovely new (to us) blue sofa, easy chair and eat a chocolate from Tel Aviv


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