#247 help from Big Bear!

My goodness!!!!!!! My heart is full after another afternoon of hard work with 3 friends from church helping out, and cheerfully joking all the while.

First Lilian and I cycled to church, and met Robin there (she’s staying in Amstelveen). It was about the Holy Spirit, the last in our series on God’s Immeasurably More. It really helped me by reminding me, I’m not just a physical person living in physical circumstances. (Cos look at my circumstances OK:


First Lilian and I went with Robin to “her” flat in Amstelveen. (She is flat/dog sitting) to deal with her bin. It had maggots in. 😱😨!

Later Guus, Sietse and Lennart from church came and loaded up their cars- Guus is a genius at faffing with things and fitting things in spaces that look far too small!

So now. We just have a little rubbish to dispose of and plenty of cleaning to do tomorrow. A huge weight off my mind.

And we made Lennart take the bear home.

He didn’t think his wife would be too pleased!!

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