#248 and we’re OUT!

last night, thrilled to be actually MOVED!

Today Lee and Lily have been cleaning up at Buitenhof and I’ve been washing, cycling to and fro with small items. Then Karen from prayer-for-BSF offered to drive over and help! Hallelujah!

We took stuff to the dump + second hand shop, and bought 2 rugs, an airer and an ironing board for total: โ‚ฌ24

I had prayed all along that there would be a replacement rug for the Buitenhof one at the end of the year, and there it was!

It looked like this a year ago, and it does again!

So we are done. Tomorrow return the keys. And then onward and upward!

It was an amazing year living in Buitenhof, we enjoyed the fabulous aspects. But Klaproos is gonna be our Home.

Cute little 2-inch carving/stamp in our new back door


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