#249 “inspection”

Hi, we had scheduled the key handover and inspection at 5pm. So I had a whole day to sort through boxes, and Lily and I went to Uithoorn and Amstelveen Kringloopwinkels.

In Uithoorn we decided to buy an upcycled chair (for Lily) and a mirrored cupboard. While we were telling the man, two dutch ladies started trying out “Lilian’s chair”. The guy said something like, “sorry ladies, that’s just been sold.”

Then they immediately walked over and had a good look at “my” cupboard! I let them know I was buying it, and I was trying to recall the Dutch for “obviously we have the same taste!” When she turned to me and said it! (Dezelfde smak hebben!)

Also an older man started whizzing across the floor in a wheeled dining chair, saying “ooh la lah!”

So quite a spectacle there.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I asked Marcia to join me at 5pm for the Inspection as it sounds a bit frightening. Well, as soon as the estate agent entered, they started gabbing away in Portuguese, and of course Marcia used to know Jessica when she was a little girl…! So that went well. There was just a couple items not clean enough. They hire a cleaner per hour and take it off the deposit. Marcia’s done this a few times, and said they always find something, it’s form.

So that went very nice, that’s a good full stop on that job! And we will get the deposit back within a month. Then we can get all our flooring sorted!

Such relief! It has been a rollercoaster of worry, exhaustion, heat, etc. I have relied on psalms 23-27. Reading through the different emotions and truths in them has been so helpful. And now I can rejoice using the same Words.


And now, why, Lilian is in the garden, bleaching George’s hair.


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