#250 small steps forward

Hello, been sorting through boxes and washing today.

The things from the kringloopwinkel came and my fietsenrek. (Bike rack)

So this pic shows how roomy it is – there’s a lot of boxes on the right.

(Table €6.50!)

And how useful:

Keeping the bikes in order.

The furniture were delivered by the same older guy who delivered to Buitenhof – mum, do you remember praying for his back x

Marcia brought me this lovely “rice milk and cherry blossom” room aroma thingy from fancy Rituals bathroom shop.

Not my pic obv

Lee chose to walk instead of cycle to the bus stop yesterday. He was pleased with his new shorter commute: Forty minutes door to door.

Apparently it’s only 25° today, but it’s pretty hot.

Robin went to the Gemeente to meet her (volunteer) Dutch teacher today. She’s a ceramic artist. It went really well, Claudia the boss of Taalhuis went out of her way to find someone just right for Robin. She came and chatted with me while I waited for Robin, she is very helpful and interested.

Then we had an iced latte in Ijssalon to celebrate. And Robin got her phone contract sorted out.

What with the move, I had forgotten about the lovely riverfront!

It was very nice to cycle through there this afternoon. We saw quite a few kids playing in the water.

I feel quite normal today! 😀

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