#251 Fort aan de Drecht

Much to my sons’ horror, I made them come out of the house today. We cycled to the Fort aan de Drecht in Uithoorn. I hoped there’d be a place to get a cold drink but it wasn’t open yet.

At least G cheered up once he recognized the building was from the war. Then we cycled to the Ijssalon for an ice-cream. Finally on the home stretch, riding down Hollandse dijk, they started chatting to each other!

This morning I woke with huge puffy eyes from the concrete dust. Thankfully I haven’t had any breathing problems.

These are the view outside from our front door.

There were lots of kids playing there yesterday. Today there were 5 parakeets on the zip line.

This tree stump is outside our front door.

Lots of this berry tree are overhanging our garden front and back.

We’ve got this interesting pine in the front that needs to be tamed.

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