#252 local nightlife

I went to Amstelveen for lunch with Robin and we looked around the Friday market in Buitenplein. It’s really big and busy. There was a stall selling the same Alize yarns that I’ve often bought in Stafford market. Then back to her flat, she is keeping herself pretty well. That little dog is so easy to care for. We sat on the balcony for a bit of breeze.

In the evening, after 9pm Lee and I went for a cycle around Uithoorn, it was lovely and cool.

Saturday. Lee’s colleagues came in and wrapped housewarming gifts for Jeff, then took Lee with them.

Carla came round and we went to the kringloopwinkel in Mijdrecht. I got a nice plant pot and a bathroom bin .

€4,45 the pair, whereas the bin itself is €24 in Blokker.

Lily and George have come home from work only to change and go to a farmers party in De Kwakel!

We have got TV now, including BBC First, BBC 1 and 2 but they are rather disappointing. BBC First is endless Midsomer Murders interspersed with Father Brown.

I went to church with Robin and Frank. (The other 2 got in at 3am!) And then I went to Robin’s for a sandwich and do some washing up!!

Lily and George had had a super time in De Kwakel at one evening of their week-long Polderfeest. Lil said every young person in Uithoorn and De Kwakel was there, they all knew each other, and lots had previously worked on her farm.

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