#253 bsf/ikea

Bsf prayer meeting. We agreed on who will be doing which role, I am group leader. We have a date for initial leader workshop and leader meetings will be Tuesday evenings. We are praying about where and what day the bsf group will be. It’s so exciting!

Marcia told us that she’s praying about moving away, closer to her husband’s work. 😧😧 of course we don’t want to lose her, but she’s so thrilled so many of her prayers have been answered. I’ve only known her 9 months but she’s been amazing! She and her husband have moved many times across the world. As a group we’ve been meeting to pray only since May, but we sure love each other!

After that I met Lilian at Amstelveen to go to IKEA together to look at bunk beds as the girls are about to share a much smaller room now. Lily got a lovely folksy cushion and duvet cover. I think it’s a good idea to get a pretty new bedding when the actual room is so ugly and uncomfortable!

I had the old migraine-vision a bit today and lost feeling in my left hand for a while.

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