#255 paper round success!

So I’ve made a much better map for the paper round.

De Kwakel is such a small village, I find it impossible to understand we took 3 hours there yesterday. But this is a good opportunity to show we are overcomers! And we are preparing with lots of bottles of water, multiple clearer maps etc today.

I do have hopes that Frank will be able to do it himself at some point. We have 3 more days this week, and then another 8 days towards end of August.

Robin and I popped up to the Gemeentehuis to get a map. It’s lovely and cool-ish today with quite a breeze. Hurrah! We had a cheese twist at the river.

Boating holidaymakers have got their washing hung out today, and the boats themselves are bobbing up and down in the wind. I’m in love with this place, even/especially in a chill grey moment like this!

We bought some honey from this person’s doorway, popping our coins through their letterbox.

It’s made in their garden.

Here’s a pic of the flats Robin is staying in.

We have a certain preconception about flats, but it’s a nice place, and very pleasant to sit on the balcony overlooking this road. Robin has gone to her 2nd Dutch lesson.

Frank and I way preferred doing the paper round in cold wind and a little rain today! I just navigated. Frank did it in 1.5 hours today, a massive improvement! It gave me a chance to appreciate how pretty De Kwakel is.

Praise the Lord!

Also,this is my new favourite thing:


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