#256 house work

I’ve discovered a rose while cutting back the overhanging branches. I’ve pruned it and we’ll see what comes!

This morning I have been to De Kwakel to fetch my bike that got left there on Tuesday. Then had a lovely phone call with Penny.

Oh yes, last night I had a face-to-face type phone call with the BSF Europe coordinator, kind of an interview for me becoming Amsterdam group leader. Sounds grand doesn’t it! (It isn’t!)

My main work at the moment is trying to sort stuff from boxes, and make the house feel a bit nicer as it’s still a bit like horrible camping. They have set up the sofas/playstation area of course. But it’s a dark corner, we don’t have operational curtains yet, so I’ve pegged it like this this morning:

It’s a bit grim. But also from the front view, I thought the house looks like it’s occupied with squatters or something. Not very welcoming! So I’m going to weed and trim some stuff back.

We had a discussion about what cupboard goes where downstairs last night, my welsh dresser is cute here, but it’s blocking light to the sitting area.

So today I really need to sort this dining area. It’s huge, ✅which is fabulous, but it’s a big mess of boxes. ❤

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