#257 the garden

So the paper round went well Thursday. It was cold and in a downpour, so my priority was Frank keeping the papers dry, and especially the one piece of paper with all the addresses on! It looked like a papier mache by the end!

Just a pretty pic off t’internet
Lilian did some paperwork on the farm today, and was joined by this cat on a cow.

Lee ate out with work at an italian restaurant.

Friday morning. I got the boys to help with a bit of weeding in the front, and broke loads of big branches off this spreading pine. You can’t tell!

The pine is about 5 foot in each direction. The little oak is about 2 feet tall.

I got leaves from all the overhanging branches yesterday to try and identify them using guides on the internet. I found it quite difficult! If it’s not an oak or maple, they all look very similar.πŸŒ³πŸƒπŸŒΏ

I would like to keep whatever’s healthy in the garden. We have 4 or 5 hydrangeas which have been severely affected by the recent drought, I would like to salvage them if possible. Whereas the pine looks extremely healthy.

It seems funny saying there was a drought last week. There is absolute downpour again today.

I have lots of plans & dreams for the house and garden of course! And while we’re waiting for € to get things nice, I’m trying to neaten things. But progress is very slow I’m quite impatient. !

Every time the kitchen’s clean I want to photograph it, to keep it that way.πŸ“·

Saturday morning. Lee and I have worked like crazy this morning to sort boxes and rearrange cupboards.

So it starts to look nice.

I have just finished reading The Sealwoman’s Gift by Sally Magnusson, the Scottish newsreader. It’s excellent. She made an awesome story based on a true event of 100s of icelanders being taken as slaves to Algiers in 1627. Unputdownable!

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