#260 morning shadows

On Sunday night Lily went to “High Wine” with colleagues. It was a 4-course meal with different wines for each course. She really enjoyed herself (obviously!), it sounds like quite a giggle. One of the courses was a series of savoury macarons which she found disgusting!

Monday I cycled to meet my lovely “I” for breakfast in Hema. It’s a very good value, IKEA style “7 items for €3” or something. I loved it. We had a good chat and then I went straight onto the BSF prayer meeting. That was great, and afterwards two of us spoke with a staff member of Xrds about getting the word out, BSF starts in September! 😀🙌✅

Currently we are expecting to hold it in someone’s home in Amsterdam, and on a Wednesday or Thursday morning. We’ll be confirmed next week.

Then I cycled home and I’d been out for 5 hours. Next a bus to Hoofddorp with Lily for some jeans. I hate clothes shopping! but finally she found some comfortable jeans to fit, and a cute little black &white retro outfit in Mango, a big collared blouse with a deep v / pinafore type dress to go over.

The shifting shadows cast on the sitting room wall at 7am.

Two of the bushes in the front garden have labels and are rhododendrons, “wilgens ruby” which will look like this if I can care for them:

That would be lovely. Obviously they’ve been neglected and then we had a drought. So I will look up what to do to them.

There’s also a small holly.

We made cookies with a teaspoon of “speculaas spice” in. Mmmm!

Frank’s meteorite castle full of treasure chests in Terraria:

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