#263 Sunday with friends.

Saturday, we did the paper round together, it went well. Then I went up to Robin’s for a bit.

Today I was at church with Robin and Frank. I collected some free curtains and a nespresso coffee machine off a lady who’d advertised them on the church facebook page. We had a talk by Geoff Fountain, formerly director of YWAM, which was very interesting, informative and encouraging! Check him on YouTube.

In the afternoon, Dorien and Hans came, had a coffee and told us about their holiday, and we made plans for decorating and such. And also Guus and Marcia popped in with a box of things for us including ceiling lights, and it was very nice indeed having my 2 fave couples from church there, with Lee, all having coffee at the table in our new home. Wahoo!

Dorien brought leeks and all these seedless grapes from their garden:


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