#264 a busy Monday

Hullo! I have cycled over 25km today like a crazy person! I went to Marcia’s in the morning and we chatted and prayed for each other. 😍

Then to Robin’s, we went shopping together and talked through her exit strategy, as the homeowner is back on Wednesday. Then we had a cake and I came home, only to shoot to De Kwakel to catch Frank at the end of his paper round – in case he had any question or problem. He didn’t, Hurrah! In fact he had just finished as I arrived. Super!

George went to work at the farm today, mucked out a stable and removed some defunct electrical wire, which they’ve all been doing for days.

I am very excited to be going to a BSF leader’s retreat weekend at the end of September! It’s in….Birmingham! 🌴🍍

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