#267 Christmas in August

Hi. I’ve been revising the Dutch on Duolingo in preparation for free Dutch lessons beginning in October. With a bit of Swedish interspersed for a little spice!

This morning Robin and I went to church by bus. It’s less than 15 mins away since we moved. Afterwards we met the lady Robin’s been flat/dog sitting for. She gave her some wages and a butterfly decoration from south Africa, and gave me some spare curtains.

We decided to head to burger king for a change. Usually we might pop to Amstelveen for McDonald’s after church. But we went into the big city for BK as we both enjoy the chili cheese bites! Then we walked around a little, along the bloemenmarkt (floating flower market) and actually went into the year-round Christmas Shop.

Quite daft. And extensive!

We walked to De Pijp and had an iced latte and dessert in Blond Amsterdam. Which is a brand of painted tableware you often see in giftshops – not really my taste, but I like the blue.

Well there’s a cafe of it now, near the Avocado Show. It was quite nice.

We were carrying a heavy bag of curtains so we didn’t stay in town long. It’s such a treat being able to pop into an exciting capital city whenever we fancy! Although we haven’t for ages as it’s been a lot of work moving house this summer. I played my private game of Guess The Language Of The People In Front, which I really enjoy! we looked at some fancy stuff in Spiegelgracht and generally enjoyed sunny weather.

While we were out Hans brought a bigger table, there’s definitely room for two. Also Guus brought two cupboards for upstairs. People are really looking after us!

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