#268 managing/manager

I did lots of filling in my diary and made a calendar for September. Trying to prepare for the onslaught. Lots of things starting back up, plus BSF and hopefully some Dutch lessons begin in October.

Just got Frank 2 trousers and a jumper and some trainers in C&A to go back to school in. The big news is, he agreed to have trousers that aren’t jogging bottoms! He absolutely refuses jeans, always. So he got 2 pairs of chino-ish trousers. He’s changed shape a lot this year and he looks really good in them! He got his wages from the paper round, he is halfway to saving up for a Nintendo Switch.

A gorgeous knitted blanket
Today I knocked on a few doors, as I need to give a water meter reading and I couldn’t find the water meter. Most of the houses had all curtains closed and were silent. (it was 12 noon on Monday. ) presumably they are all at work. In the end I asked a passing workman. Turns out the water meter is in the horribly spidery “crawl space” hole, it’s a trap door under the front door mat.

George has been at work on the farm again today. The boys go back to school on Thursday 6th September.

Robin and I have really enjoyed an English/Swedish comedy/murder series called Fallet.

My lovely Marcia came to chat and prayed for us today.

The buckthorn (?) Berries are fully out, and I’ve seen lots of blue tits in the garden.

Management. 😨.

I have been attending lots of the leadership training days at Xrds. Yes it’s certainly time to take on the mantle of manager/leadership, which I’ve never wanted!! But it really struck me today, probably a few years too late, that in the home my job is really manager now, not caregiver, that job which I had so much experience and enjoyment in. I am doing a job I’m very ill-prepared for. Maybe that’s why I keep getting so frustrated and shouting at people! I guess it’s not that unusual. Dorien is being very helpful in this area. Interestingly in BSF/small group, I have no problem with leading. They really teach you how. I know what is expected of me and I’ve been shown how. I know where my responsibility begins and ends.

Hmm. I expect if I look in the bible today, I will discover the borders of my responsibility at home too… πŸŒˆβœ…

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