#269 friends with beans !πŸ˜€

Wednesday pm, it was the first OIG, the Dutch prayer meeting, back after the hols. I was late, very tired and I just couldn’t really understand anything they were saying !😧 but I received these lovely flowers and a little gift containing hollyhocks seeds B collected herself!

Oh wat leuk! I have had Guus & Marcia and their grown-up son to dinner tonight. I made my ol’ faithful chicken enchiladas of course, and Marcia brought some soya beans in a savoury sauce, very nice, and ice cream. Robin had made choc chip cookies, it was very nice. Lovely to have friends round innit. First people to a meal in our new home. Marcia and I shall be “roomies” at the BSF retreat in September. Which sounds like some giggling schoolgirls, and there shall be giggling!

This morning Lee, Robin and I went for an appointment at “Uithoorn for each other” (translation) and told a lady about the problems we are having with paperwork and such, and she is going to put us in contact with someone who’ll help. We are getting there, slowly but surely!

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