#270 the Future

Today E brought a stranger round! A sweet lady who’s recently moved into the country. We had a cuppa and a lovely chat, the hours flew by. She’s from USA and would like to come to BSF. And she is coming next friday to help wallpaper.

It seems my husband’s job will relocate to Hamburg, Germany next year. So more uncertainty than ever- coupled with having to move house again, which we have only just done, and it was awful. Then the whole rigmarole of inveigling ourselves into schools, the social system etc.

Apart from all that, I will be quite happy to move. The more uncertainty, the more we are forced to trust that the Lord holds the future. You can’t trust anyone else! Just like the instructions for the end of the world, such as in 1 Thessalonians 5, we will carry on with our current work as best we can. Learning to love each other, and hopefully taking a good report wherever we go next!

Also what came to my mind is the whole of Jeremiah chapter 29: a letter to the exiles, telling them to get on with building houses, getting married etc. (I guess that’s making cheese, doing your schoolwork, leading BSF, and trying to fill in forms correctly for us!) And the Lord will take care of the future.


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