#274 it never rains but…


It’s been thunder, lighting and torrential rain since about 6am!

Rob and I cycled round to our Drs appointments, got lovely and soaked thru for our 40 mins bus ride to De Apollo school. We met Frank and went in De Friet Fabriek first for British-ish chips and then went and dripped in the school while Frank said all the opposite things to what I’d hoped! To a very nice lady there.

Of course I was quite upset and angry and had a bit of a go at him. Then bought some treats in Aldi and apologized. That boy is so stoic and understanding! In fact I think he may be the most emotionally literate. (He hides it well) when you consider the workbooks & such we’ve done on anger and conflict. He understood that I was just saying it because I feel so strongly. He saw my bible verse from Becca and commented that it’s very good that people constantly send me pieces of bible because I need it to manage life! Excellent husband material.

There are rather deep puddles on every path to our house, and we’ve caused a pond inside from our coats. We need to dig out the wellies!

Candles on and watching Woody Allen’s Cafe Society. Lovely.

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