#275 appointments

In the rain yesterday we came across 3 individual crayfish in the road, each standing to attention!

Thursday: in the morning had a lovely phone chat with a precious someone from prayer-for-BSF group who’s been abroad for a few weeks. We are all amazed afresh at the Lord’s ways!

Robin and I have been to an appointment with “W” who is her caseworker of sorts, and a lady at Carehouse which is a place for kids and adults up to 27 to go and mix, learn skills, do group activities. They are so understanding, gentle and knowledgeable here! They want to send someone to the house once a week, to take Robin out. and not force her into groups. But we have to wait for a volunteer. I think Robin is a priority as she’s been inactive so long. It was such a lovely appointment because they asked the right kind of questions!

When people ask me explain our situation I just don’t bother as they won’t get it. It’s exhausting and also I’m so entrenched in making things easier for people, that I have no idea how not to anymore.

Dorien and I went to buy wallpaper this evening but the place was shut. She suddenly said we were going to McDonald’s! (She’s quite the healthy eater, I sure didn’t see that coming!) And we had a good talk about all the appointments of the last 2 days. She is a delight. One of her life verses is Micah 6:8 which was dear Tony Lucas’s motto. He is in heaven now enjoying life to the fullest!

Dorien and her husband are really being Jesus’s hands and feet, also clearly sharing their heart and brain for this community. 🙌👣❤🎓 all the body parts working for Jesus!

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