#277 pipes & costume

Before Lifegroup starts up again next Friday, we had a meal together at Kwalitaria in Zijdelwaard. It was a lot of fun. S&V brought their 3 little girls, so there was a touch of chaos! Then the adults went over to another member who couldn’t come out, and we had wine and a good chat. How lovely.

Saturday morning, Lee and I went to Amstelveen to the Pipe museum!

From Staffordshire, fact fans! They would make these after work to show their skillz.

We had a private guided tour by an enthusiastic guy. He looked like a nice gentle Willem Defoe! He gave lots of history and details. I learnt about meerschaum . I knew it was what they describe Sherlock Holmes’ pipe as. I thought it was the shape. But its a white porous rock found underground in Turkey! And meerschaum is German for seafoam, Fact fans!

Then a budget Italian lunch, I had peas and spicy tomato sauce and crema bel paese on focaccia.

It was delicious. We weren’t full so we got a small loaf of suikerbrood (sugarbread) and scoffed it as we walked towards the museum of costume – Het Klederdracht Museum.

It was small, only about 5 rooms. Each dedicated to a town which still wears trad folk clothing, or based on . Such as Marken. They had modern pics of people in their normal day, in folksy wear. Then each also had an interpretation of it by a fashion/textile designer. Fascinating!

These mourning bibs painted with dot patterns.

In the evening I went to the home of a local newish member of our Lifegroup and met her 2 kids age 1 and 5, they were adorable! And then we had some wine and chatted and prayed for each other. It was by turns hilarious and precious.

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