#279 last p-f-BSF

I suppose it was our last prayer-for-BSF meeting this morning, as we start actual prep meetings on Wednesday. There were 3 of us this morning, we had a lot to chat about after the online meeting this morn. We talked about all the people who have been praying so many years for Amsterdam BSF. We have just waltzed in at the last minute and done our tiny part! Others have sown and we are reaping. Between just the 3 of us we had 20 names of ladies who’ve expressed interest in coming.

John 4:36-38! And we are certainly rejoicing together!

Afterwards T and I had lunch together and a lovely encouraging chat. We are two who need to spell things out aloud to understand them.

Then the 10km cycle home, a bit hairy as I was getting a v bad stomach ache. 😵😷. Even then, as I whizzed through Westwijk, a lady on a bike caught up to me and said Hi. We had met and said not much more than Hello, just a couple of times, months ago. She said she was looking for a group to make contact with ladies. So I told her about BSF just starting.

I have been rather sick and had the shakes, been in bed ever since.

Whatever happens, whatever mood I get into, I can always confirm the truth of these words from psalm 16:

In fact every verse is an absolute pearl!

Hello, thanks for reading, but I probably won't look at the comments,

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