#280 psychologist


yesterday morning I rang a lovely older lady, – I keep being given names and numbers to invite to BSF. Then I had my psychologist appointment! She was a nice lady who wrote down all the things good and bad that i have going on in my life, and talked about recharging my battery and taking baby steps, healthy eating for hormones, getting some help for the kids and seeing a dietician for some cooking inspo. Yes please! (and yes it’s included on our health insurance).

So that’s encouraging.

I’ll stick it up somewhere in my eyeline to remind me.

Also thankfully the issue of the missing plug at Buitenhof has been resolved – the drama of “Pluggate”! They couldn’t prove there had ever been a plug. 😅 There wasn’t! So hopefully we’ll get our deposit back and get our floors installed soon…..

Lee just took this.

This evening I have been in a zoom videocall with 18 ladies , it’s my group leaders group meeting. We all introduced ourselves and had a little bit about what culture we have experienced at BSF and what we hope to have in our individual physical groups. The meeting was 2 hours, so first Lee took everyone walking to McDonald’s, but then they came and all silently sat in the dark in the sitting room, just waiting, waiting …very off-putting! So I sent them upstairs. Loons. I had prepared them for this you know! It will be every Tuesday night in termtime. They can’t use TV or games during the meeting as it’s all using the internet. And I’d love to be able to see all the ladies I’m chatting to – I just had 4 pages of black screens with little name tags on!

Nearly all the ladies will be at the retreat end of September, so I look forward to meeting them, especially those slightly outside Europe!

And click below for an old testament bsf advert!


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