#281 leadership, babysitting

I didn’t do much in the week. I was recovering from Monday. On Friday evening Robin and I went to babysit so O could go to Lifegroup. We sat watching hilarious 80’s German holiday pop tunes and enjoying the view from her top flat. That dot sticking up in the middle of the horizon is Aalsmeer Water Tower.

Saturday morning I attended another church leadership seminar with E. It was a friendly bunch. We had a very good talk from Nico on business leadership/Christian leadership. It started very well, his first tip was: Read the bible and pray every day!

I took notes and was the person who shouts out the answers on behalf of my group. I haven’t done this for years and I forgot I’m good at it. I was in a group with some wonderful older ladies who are very loving, socially engaged and also businesslike. Fascinating!

Afterwards I had an interesting talk with E about public speaking and getting our point across. She is a very intelligent and stimulating person to discuss things with.


Monday, our final prayer and prep for BSF. We had a LOT to discuss/share jobs out. Between me and K, (who’s with BSF 27 years!) We soon dispatched it, to the awe of the newcomers. But that’s why I love it so! People before us have been thinking and praying about all this for generations! Preparation has been prayerfully done!

This Van Gogh was stuck to the bike fence for some reason.

I cycled back in the beautiful sunshine. Past de Poel, and knocked on my friend B’s in Amstelveen. She was out at a job interview so I chatted with her husband a bit. He said he was so shocked when he heard we are being sent to Germany. He said of all the families he’s seen enter the country in the last 2 years, we are the most settled. Bear in mind, they have been aware of all our struggles, they have been praying for us.

So you see a lot of Christian families have arrived in the country and found things extremely difficult. Ilness, debt, accidents, unemployment, depression and more. It kind of helps to know we aren’t the only ones. It highlights the spiritual battle going on all around us. Which may I add is totally WON by Jesus the Victor!

Finally I cycled past the house that Lilian is thinking of living in, for a quick peek. Then I met my two girls in Uithoorn McDonald’s for some 3pm “lunch”.

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