#284 Finally!

Last night I had this delicious Indonesian Takeaway Food from Toko Pandan,

As I had my online BSF leader’s meeting. The family all went out to McDonald’s for an ice cream I think, as I wanted ALL of the internet power for my meeting!

Then up early this morning, say goodbye to the boys off to school camp at Maastricht. And at 8 am Robin and I set off towards Amsterdam for the inaugural BSF. Imagine the nerves! The meeting starts 9:45. So the team wanted to set up, and pray beforehand. We were waiting so nervously in the corridor for someone to unlock the building!

Well we set up, we prayed. We spilt boiling drinks on ourselves. We smiled, we welcomed and loved, hugged, laughed. 21 ladies turned up. We had our topsy-turvy version of a BSF. We looked at Joshua chapter 1 and demonstrated how we will study. There was some lovely sharing! We are an online group, and everything is new. We made lots of errors! But also did what we should have.

After saying goodbye to our ladies, we 5 team members had some admin to do. N had made us some delicious muffins! We were all rather hysterical with relief. So desperate to have things right, because the Lord has blessed us so well through BSF!

My Marcia had to go to work afterwards. Robin got a lift all the way to her Dutch lesson in Uithoorn, yay! And then K and I had lunch together in nearby Lucy’s Bar. We haven’t had much chance to really chat, ever. She encouraged me very much. We work extremely well together – she’s a very experienced group leader and admin lady. She has a rare quality I can barely describe involving gentle grace and authority.

She had put these signs up around the building and even on the closest metro station, with balloons!! 🎈

How fun.

And now I have two boy-free days to recoverπŸ˜€βœ…

Lee has had some encouraging talks too, today with some bosses. Lee and I both need to start believing our own hype ! 😎 and take a stand where God plants us. 🌳🌴

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