#285 The Work

I didn’t sleep well, ended up watching a rubbish movie at 2am. But today is recovery day, so that’s okay.

Robin and I went to Le Pain Quotidien this morning for breakfast, I had a delicious chia seed rice pudding thing. Then popped into C&A for some cheap t-shirts for boys, and came away with this bargain!

€20, adorable! They are rainbowy and shiny !

Then I received the details of the 10 ladies who are in my small group in BSF. I need to explain some things about the questions, notes etc that we kinda forgot to explain yesterday!! And show them how to access the website, and place them in a whatsapp group for prayer requests.

I will pray for them every day, and I will contact each once a week as per usual BSF caring. I love ’em already!

Reflecting on yesterday, I have had a lovely peaceful time praying about it and I hear the Lord loud and clear.

We will never be that nervous again – It was no ordinary “first week of BSF”. And as shown, there was absolutely no need to be so nervous anyway!

What an adventure!

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