#286 Friday

A quiet day, I’m haven’t got much energy. I made some calls to my new BSF ladies. One newcomer said she was so excited about BSF that she has written a poem about it! I hope she’ll share it!

Hans collected the vinyl and made a start by laying the first one in Frank’s room.

Robin and I went to Marcia’s on Friday. She had made a lovely homemade soup with many ingredients, to protect us against this windy weather!

Oh! The boys were coming back from camp, in the afternoon. Frank turned out to have lost his personal bus pass, and the school were not very interested in helping him get home. They just told him to ring us. Obviously Lee was at work and I was out somewhere.

This is one of the strange things about different Dutch culture. In one of the British or international schools nearby, any number of staff or helpful parent would have offered to drop him at Zuid station but he was clueless. School gave him €10 to get home. Bear in mind you can’t pay on the bus with cash!

I was livid, which lead me to ring the school back and say in a robot-like voice, “I expect you to help him”

Thankfully a member of staff from their sister primary school next door lent him a blue ov chipkaart. Anyway it was all over in 15 minutes, I’m just showing the strange cultural gap!

Later we had Lifegroup. It was stormy and dark at 7:15pm as I cycled there in the rain and lightning. It was lovely to share with friends, we do care for each other.

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