#287. Altar of remembrance

On Friday morning I felt I must send a little encouraging message to a certain lady. But I really didn’t know what to say, and ended up putting a very odd sounding sentence together that was a bit wishy washy. I pressed send!

Then came back the answer, “thank you, your words fit perfectly with what God has been speaking to my heart”

!🙌😁 The LORD will use the strangest things!🌈

I was reading Joshua chapter 4, and they take 12 stones from the middle of the water, and make an altar to remind them of the wonderful things the LORD did for them. And I thought, I’d like to make something like that with actual stones. Every time those Israelites saw the stones, they could not help remembering that the LORD did an impossible thing, bringing them through the water. The stones came from the river bed!

Dorien drove Robin and me to Xrds ladies breakfast this morning, and a missionary lady was speaking about her life, full of strange things and trials, with a photo like that above and “Altars of remembrance” written large. She told us her life story and brought a stone, or thing, up to illustrate each point – points in her life when something big happened, which lead to her learning something new about life, people, or the LORD. It was brilliant! And afterwards she passed around baskets of smallish pebbles, paper and small slices of tree branch, so we could pick one and write on it a big moment in our life with the LORD. It was very good!

Then we would talk about it in our little groups. How excellent! I will make something I can physically take with me. (Don’t want to take a huge pile of stones to Germany. Or do I?!)

Please pray for my health, I have not had much sleep for ages, and am struggling physically.

And finally 2 boys bedrooms have floor!

Hello, thanks for reading, but I probably won't look at the comments,

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