#288 sukkot!

Hello, Lilian and I went to church today, it’s Freedom Sunday apparently. And we had a talk from a volunteer at IJM – international justice mission. About their work freeing slaves. Then we nipped up Amstelveenseweg in the pouring rain, to go to Cafe Dignita. But it was so full, people were actually sitting outside in a tiny bit of shelter! So we went round the corner to Anne&Max for a lovely lunch.

At 7pm we were at Dorien’s for Sukkot, they are celebrating all week with different friends in their booth outside the back door:

We all dressed up warm, but they had also put a heater under the table, very clever. We didn’t get cold at all, even Lilian!

We had lovely hot mashed potatoes including onions and carrots, and big meatballs. We had a good laugh. It was absolutely tipping down and Hans had to push the “roof” up to drain it, before the weight got too much.

Then at almost 9pm, Hans decided to come and lay another floor, so he is now upstairs laying my patterned vinyl in mine and Lee’s room. He had to put a light fitting and bulb in to light the job. (We’ve just been using two lamps) and we found that the light stays on however you switch the switch!! So I’ll have to ring the landlord in the morning…

I forgot what a hilarious pattern I chose! It will keep me cheerful.

I followed the hashtag #bsf international on instagram. And as people all over the world are doing the same study as us this week, we get to see loads of disparate people’s beautiful reactions to the Word.

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