#289 a very encouraging day.


Nerves got the better of me last night, but I eventually fell asleep to the sound of Joyce Meyer in my headphones.

This morning I went to the ladies bible study group, we did the next chapter of Goliath Must Fall, it was all about fear. It was very helpful and we did an exercise at the end , where we drew our current stressor and laid the drawing under a wooden cross that one of the ladies’ husband had made. We were prayerful and the exercise was very effective.

Also NL, (also one of my BSF team), was leading it, and she did extremely well. She is growing before my eyes – I didn’t know her or have much opinions about her when she joined our BSF prayer team recently, but I notice she becomes radiant to me so quickly!😇

This afternoon my girls and I all enjoyed a bit of quiet and sunshine, and all read our BSF notes. (Lily can’t attend, but is keen). 📖 We also tidied their room, so as to be ready for when Hans suddenly offers to lay the floor.!

We are watching the Netflix series Atypical, a comedy drama about an 18 year old autistic boy and his family. I keep crying at it!

Lilian made chicken tandoori according to a boxed kit, it was lovely. 🍛

Tuesday evening, 7:50-9pm I have my online BSF group leaders meeting. I prepared a big box of snacks, sent everyone upstairs with a tv and ps4, which got set up on the ironing board, and they all 5 watched a DVD. I could hear giggling and such, so I think it went well. 🎥🍪🍫🍬

In my meeting, I was able to see everyone this week! (Last week just multiple small black screens) and it was very good. Because many of the leaders haven’t been leaders before, the training this week was all about shepherding your group in the discussion, which I’m quite confident of.

I’m feeling quite settled and looking forward to the 2nd BSF class tomorrow morning. 😁🌈

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